Anonymous asked: Is it you on your ELLO profile icon?

yes indeed

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Anonymous asked: You're so beautiful. Your hair is hella awesome!


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Anonymous asked: omg ok i'm going to do it now.... i feel like i need to update you in a few days

yes!!! waiting for ur feedback

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Anonymous asked: should i start watching orphan black tonight? aslo, i hope you're having a great day

oh my god


do it

do it NOW and you’ll have the best night of your life

don’t hesitate GO FOR IT

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Anonymous asked: Tea or Coffee?

coffee!!!!!!! with a lil bit of honey and my life is complete

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Anonymous asked: isn't lupita n'yongo beautiful

a fucking goddess

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Anonymous asked: now i don't know who is prettier you or you(r icon)

OOOOOOh my god thank u ily

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Anonymous asked: *moves to France and becomes a cheerleader*“Where are my apple apples?” ??????????????? Don't understand

HAHAH well “where are my apple apples” refers to “where are my cheer pom poms” in french “pom pom” sounds like “pomme” that means apple

so eh

pomme pomme

apple apples

pom poms

u get it

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever done any accent challenge?

hi! indeed i have, some time ago, you can listen and laugh at it here

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Anonymous asked: You sort of look like Natalie Dormer

dont say such things dont compare me to this beuaytyuzeuguhrbeayr kBEAUTY BEAUTY???

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