Anonymous asked: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL HOW

klfsglfgjldok omg thank YOU!! as for the how just ask my parents i wasn’t there when it happened thank god

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Anonymous asked: Ur themes r always on point a+++ (also yes natalie dormer <333)

thank you!!! this one is pretty simple but i’m pleased (always <3)

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Anonymous asked: what's your icon?


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Anonymous asked: What's your name? :)

whats urs

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Anonymous asked: You are gorgeous holy hell

oooh my, thanks??!!

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Anonymous asked: Your hair is beautiful... can you give me some hair care tips?

omg thanks hmm well i don’t really do anything special except this: to make it look shiny, smooth and to avoid dandruff, i use white distilled vinegar. Just a lil bit of vinegar with some cold water and you just give your hair a good rinse after a shower. that’s about it! and i also use the “miraculous oil” from garnier

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Anonymous asked: wow your blog is absolutely gorgeous xx

ayyyyy i’m glad you like it! thank you so much

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Anonymous asked: did you make your sidebar because it's gorgeous

yes i did!! thank you!!

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Anonymous asked: Wonderful theme :D


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Anonymous asked: omg, you're so hot, i'd bang u

HAHAHAH omg well hm thanks i guess

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