i'm mel i draw stuff and i cry over fictional idiots ma cosima multifandom mess AND IF YOU GAZE LONG ENOUGH INTO AN ABYSS THE ABYSS WILL GAZE BACK INTO YOU
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ur posts go all fucked up as you scroll further down


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Bravo, Mel. Tu viens de me tuer avec ta citation de Caitlyn Siehl. Ca fait un moment que je n'avais pas lu quelque chose de si beau. Mon coeur te remercie chaleurement. Aussi, j'me demandais, question bizarre bonsoir: Quel est ton mot préféré? Celui que tu trouves le plus joli et tout et tout...

elle m’a laissé sur les fesses aussi ahah! you’re welcome <3

hmm mon mot préféré ? j’en ai pas vraiment, pour être honnête ; j’aime bien la façon dont “mélancolie” sonne, mais je suis une fan de tout mot latin et d’ancien grec

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Can I follow you on Twitter?

sure! i usually follow back!

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How did you two meet?

well i first saw him in like?? february it was a day before my birthday party at my friend’s and i was going back to my town and like in the bus he kept giving me glances and smiles and while i thought i would never see him again once at town my friend asked me at the party if a friend of him could come and i said yes and it was him YO

but i didn’t see him again since then!!!! and recently he’s constantly hanging out with us all voilà

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Where did you get your sketchbook? :D there are Star Wars sketchbooks/planners limited edition too, but The Little Prince won my heart!!

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girl crush or guy crush?

guy crush (he sorta looks like deputy parrish on teen wolf)

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when are you gonna do another drawing session

i don’t know??? do people even care about it 

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what are your top 10 fav movies of all time??

wow well! no special order because i really love these the same way haha

  • fight club
  • forrest gump
  • american history x
  • schindlers list
  • the shining
  • dead poets society
  • the others
  • kill bill
  • the green mile
  • it’s a wonderful life

but there’s also?? the fall, 21 jump street, the boy in the striped pyjamas, inglorious basterds, anastasia, the road to el dorado, psycho, the birds, how to train your dragon, the help, the pianist, the avengers, shutter island, good will hunting, xmen, star wars, lotr, the king’s speech, matilda, now you see me, the breakfast club, the silence of the lambs,the dark knight rises, pulp fiction, pacific rim, the butterfly effect, zombieland, mean girls, up, the truman show, kick ass, the prestige, reservoir dogs, drive… AND SO MANY MORE

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Lovely theme :3 I like the changing sidebar

ayyy thanks love!