I just wrapped playing Effie Trinket, and that was heartbreaking for me. She was one of my all-time-favourite characters that I’ve played.
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Elizabeth Banks reading fan favourite Effie quotes from The Hunger Games. [x]

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The library, all mahogany.

Effie Trinket

[“I brought that back, I threw it in there,” Said Elizabeth Banks of the line, which was unscripted. “I did it, and Francis called cut, and I went over to him, and said, ‘You have to keep that in the movie, because the fans will go bananas.’]

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Elizabeth Banks on Ellen Degeneres.

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"Aren’t I so cute?" - Elizabeth Banks and her Effie Trinket barbie.

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Elizabeth Banks arrives - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere

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"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" London premiere (Nov. 11)

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Elizabeth Banks on the Catching Fire world premiere red carpet!

“It’s amazing. It’s almost like an upgrade from the first film. You really get to see the capitol, you really get to see the victory tour, you get to see all the districts. It’s all world building in a bigger way and really expand on not only district 12 and the games. But all the districts and the capitol and the Hunger Games. It’s a lot piled in this movie.” - Elizabeth Banks

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