Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, and Ezra Miller for Nylon Magazine Photoshoot (x)

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Vanity Fair behind the scenes 

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Emma Watson, Logan Lerman & Ezra Miller for Vanity Fair

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Logan, Josh and Emma

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“I have moments where I feel quite isolated by the uniqueness of my life experience. I’ll never be able to explain to anyone that I meet new what my life has been like…[Dan and Rupert] are the only two other people in the world who I don’t have to explain myself to…they’ve done everything with me. I feel like when this is over, our friendship will have a new importance for the three of us…we’ll need each other more than we do even now.” -EMMA WATSON
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#i love how this makes it seem as if they are all shooting the same movie#emma is the girl looking for a challenge in life when she meets tom and rupert#rupert is a runaway who recently dropped off the army #and tom is a very intelligent computer hacker #they rob banks and other high security stuff and she joins them #that’s when we meet dan’s character who is the youngest bank president ever #and who’s about to lose a few billion pounds #except he and tom’s char are bffs from childhood #and meanwhile emma is torn between her partners in crime#except she totes ends up with rupert #cool stuff that will never happen

#but then tom fucks the shit out of her one day and she decides to dump rupert and go for the real catch #and then babies

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