51st Hunger Games ]

Popularity in viewership fell from the fiftieth Hunger Games simply because of how many tributes were in the arena at the time. The fifty first Hunger Games is memorial in the fact that it used an old suburb with a church near the center of the arena. Because of the low viewership, Gamemakers were quick to do strange things that caught the eye of some of the Capitol citizens. Using their wit, the gamemakers of the fifty-first games used old religious emblems to coincide with the single mutt that they had inside of the arena: zombies. Right.

Zombies were not like anyone would have expected. Simply put, they were resurrected versions of the fallen tributes, risen to destroy and consume tributes in a pageant of bloodshed. The only person unmoved by the thought of death was as hard as stones. District Two Girl, known as Archima, was a powerful tribute like most other careers. During her time as tribute, she is known for catching onto the muttations of the arena. In an attempt to not allow some of the tributes turn into zombies after death, she would burn their bodies before they were able to be resurrected.

Eventually, Archima found herself running into the church after many of her previous victims, now zombies, were resurrected from their charred flesh and ashes. However, the church was a lure. While the church was supposed to represent a safe haven, it was also where Archima found what was left of the career pack. Staring her down were the two tributes from District One. Both of the tributes were allied until they were the only ones left. Archima, however, had a better plan to dispose of the two tributes from District One. Opening the door after looking around, Archima quickly jumped onto one of the pillars and climbed up as high as she could, allowing the zombies to overflow the church and spill red crimson across the tiled floor.

“For a moment, the cameras hold on Peeta’s downcast eyes as what he says sinks in. Then I can see my face, mouth half open in a mix of surprise and protest, magnified on every screen as I realize, Me! He means me!…”
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