it’s been a while since i last posted a drawing so here have a harry potter doodle!!!!

Anonymous shouted: Please, draw Charles!

james mcavoy has such a pretty face it’s hard to draw him

Anonymous shouted: X-Men: Days of Future Past is awesome, you're gonna love it! I was wondering if you could draw some X-Men?

i can’t wait omg lkakjflgjfkd! and yes sure, i certainly will very soon. i already drew young erik and mystique


Anonymous shouted: I love your art Mel :) Could you draw Thor and Loki?

thank you love, it really means a lot sdfhjkkfdsdfgh as for your request, tada, i drew them a week ago

Anonymous shouted: Draw post-Mockingjay Katniss?

mama katniss (´∀`)♥


Anonymous shouted: Can You draw Arya in armor? :D

idk what the fuck is this

Anonymous shouted: Can you draw Oberyn?

jensen--ackles shouted: Please draw Isaac from Teen Wolf <3


just be happy and watch star wars together ()

Anonymous shouted: MEL PLEASE DRAW STILES

wooohohoooo ok there i drew him this afternoon