'Couldn't wait, missed u'


t ’ s  o k a y .

A terrible realization, at how much we’ve taken for granted. .

do you ever want to slap yourself in the face because you know you should be doing something productive but instead you choose to sit in front of a laptop for hours on end doing shit that has no beneficial impact on your life and this just happens day after day after day and still you refuse to accept the fact that you have a problem


my hidden talent is letting all of my homework and other obligations pile up until the very last minute so i can crack under the pressure and have a mental breakdown

#200 Katniss often dreamed of Rue, but she was always just out of reach up a tree or across a meadow. On one occasion, however, as Katniss stood with tears pouring down her face, Rue had come close enough to ask “Why are you crying?”. “Because I should have saved you. And I didn’t.” Katniss had replied, eyes still dripping with tears. But in response to this Rue had beamed, taken her hand, and whispered in reply: “Yes you did”.