Golden Trio doodle. I love the cast for the movies, they’re great but I imagined them a little differently in the book. :]

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harry potter | text posts

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gold and silver

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Harry Potter tumblr style // inspired by (x)

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All those little stolen moments in his bed, or down by the pond, or even while they were in Australia searching for her parents and all she did was worry all the time and all he did was worry about her - he catalogues and flips through those memories of Hermione when it gets too hard, too lonely, during the months they spend apart at her final year at Hogwarts. And somehow, even if the word hope feels a bit too strong and just a little bit too naive to apply on their lives after everything they went through, Ron just knows, when he thinks of Hermione, that there is a million things to look forward to. She holds his future in her hands. [x]
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this is the best thing to happen (x)

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME → favourite male characters [4/10] » Sirius Black

"Sirius was a brave, clever, and energetic man, and such men are not usually content to sit at home in hiding while they believe others to be in danger."

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