Anonymous shouted: hi! can i ask for some advice? a guy from school invited me to his friends halloween party tomorrow and he texted me some details and stuff. we have recently started to talk a bit to each other and stuff. he said that i could bring two friends but none of my friends can go and now i'm wondering which is the best way to telling him i cant come? i want to but i cant go by myself :( how would you tell him without soundling like you just made up a excuse?

well it’s not an excuse if it’s the truth darling! ;) just tell him that none of your friends can go and you have no other way to come, that’s all! I think he can understand and, maybe you will both find a solution together :)

Anonymous shouted: you're look like how I saw Marlene in divergent ;)

aaah really? I don’t remember how I pictured her while I was reading

indienavy shouted: Your drawing are so cute <3

Thank you :’D

Anonymous shouted: I LOVE YOUR DRAWINGS

kljljklgjdkl thanks

silverstags shouted: no lol when i say peasant i mean peasant

no no I’m sure I read queen

silverstags shouted: HI THERE PEASANT

you meant queen right

Anonymous shouted: I always wanted to ask you for some drawing tips

aw well that’s really flattering darling :) to be honest I totally suck at explaining and I don’t even have a ‘thing’ to draw you know but I guess it may depends lol

Anonymous shouted: I think you're a little rude.... but it's ok I love you

omggg again

well ok dude but just guys TELL ME in which freaking way I’m rude because some of you keep telling me that but ugh

I don’t see when I am rude

laffertys-deactivated-deactivat shouted: this is going to sound really absurd but do the keyboards in france have accents above the letters?

No not at all haha don’t worry :)

The french keyboard is what we call an Azerty one. We have the classic letters and yes we have special touch to put the accents

Anonymous shouted: Can you post the link to your "katniss and peeta visiting the eiffel tower" comic ? I can't find it :(

they’re all in the ‘drawing session’ tag sweetie ;)

but go here