The Walking Dead — 4x16; A

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The Walking Dead meme | three colours [3/3]

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Yes, victors are our strongest. They’re the ones who survived the arena and slipped the noose of poverty that strangles the rest of us. They, or should I say we, are the very embodiment of hope where there is no hope. And now twenty-three of us will be killed to show how even that hope was an illusion.

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cherry colors color palette [x]

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Oh, my sweet summer child…

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“Thomas swallowed, wondering how he could ever go out there. His desire to become a Runner had taken a major blow. But he had to do it. Somehow he KNEW he had to do it. It was such an odd thing to feel, especially after what he’d just seen…Thomas knew he was a smart kid- he somehow felt it in his bones. But nothing about this place made any sense. Except for one thing. He was supposed to be a Runner. Why did he feel that so strongly? And even now, after seeing what lived in the maze?” 

The Maze Runner

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30 day hannibal meme: a scene from your favorite episode of season 1

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Teen Wolf: Space

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These are my favourite blogs and I couldn’t imagine tumblr (or twitter) without them! Happy Holidays everyone :)
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